DIY…My husband’s favourite acronym.

I am in constant search for a stylish way to post reminders, favourite photos, invites in our kitchen.  Currently two fabulous Umbra Thork Bulletin Boards occupy the space.  As lovely as these cork boards are, they blend too seamlessly into our modern kitchen to be any type of stand-out piece.  Functional but not pretty enough. I discovered this lovely project (image is courtesy of Design Sponge, project by christina at viva full house:


Full DIY instructions…

I can also envision this in #2 & #3’s room.  The kids have been dying to incorporate chalkboard paint and rainbow decals into their room.  While the latter is completely doable (still finding the right size and shape), the former is still up for discussion.  The issue of chalk dust versus creative freedom is under hot debate.  Both #2 & #4 suffer from that lovely skin irritation, eczema, #1 suffers from mild asthma when hit with a cold, and #3 does not know chalkboard/wall boundaries when found with a piece of chalk.  When perusing modern design blogs filled with kids’ rooms staged perfectly with floor-to-ceiling chalkboard walls that are filled with perfect illustrations of outer space, dinosaurs, and inspirational quotes, I often wonder if the kids are given free reign to draw/erase to their hearts content.  Are they leaving clouds of dust to be continuously inhaled on a daily basis or are the parents actually hiding the chalk and leaving the staged photographed drawings as permanent decoration?

My anal retentive side, which has loosened up in recent weeks due to my “predicament” – see last post, the thought of the accumulation of chalk dust on the floors, and all flat surfaces for that matter, as an addition to the current tenants of dust-bunnies that I can barely control, keeps me up at night.  On the other hand, my inner child, the part of me that lets the kids squish around in finger paint with their toes on my beautiful wood floors only separated by a thin piece of newsprint, would love to grant the chalkboard wish.  I imagine writing #2 and #3 love notes in the morning, having an ongoing chalkboard conversation with #1, and swell with pride as I watch #4 write her first “M” before the age of 2.

Before we can even consider the possibility of welcoming chalkboards into our kids’ rooms, let alone any room, we have to tackle the DIY issue in our house.  My husband had been frequently described as Ever-Patient, however, even the Ever-Patient has his limits.  I can rant about the general condition of society, critique our dinner meals, lose my mind over a messy kitchen, commit to 3 weekend’s worth of extended family gatherings, and change my mind on a whim.  But as soon as I begin a sentence with one of the following:

So I saw this great DIY project on a blog…

Can we go to Home Depot to pick up…

You know what we need on top of the fireplace…

We need a frame for…

My Ever-Patient, the always calm and collected, takes a deep breath and loses “it.” By lose “it”, I mean he loses the patience, the optimism, the passive demeanour, his sense of humour and instantly transforms into Mr. Roper (of Three’s Company).  The cranky landlord that rolls his eyes at his flaky wife. Yes, that Mr. Roper.  He then “gently” reminds me of the unfinished DIY projects of yesteryear including the dining room chandelier that stills needs a coat of spray paint, the blank canvases awaiting my artistic touch, and the first, second, and third drafts of sketches of my ideal foyer armoire that awaits construction.  The do-it-yourselfer he is not and I have come to accept this…especially since “I promise to fulfill all your crazy DIY schemes” was not in our wedding vows.

Back to the chalkboard debate…as usual my indecision is a challenge so help a girl out…

By the way, “complete one DIY project” is on my life list.

4 responses to “DIY…My husband’s favourite acronym.

  1. Always been a fan of the chalkboard wall. Imagine all the paper you can save! I say go for it 🙂

  2. Have you though about using a large whiteboard with dry erase markers? You may have to get a bit creative to make it look cool but I’m sure you’ll have no problem with that cuz 😉

  3. rozannelopez

    Thanks for the suggestion Derick! But…#3 armed with a whiteboard marker is scarier than chalk…

    And Trish, I’m not sure I’m mentally ready for an entire wall devoted to chalk dust mayhem…baby steps…

  4. DO IT! The girls will love it. And if it doesn’t work out, then paint over it. At least you tried it. Eczema will always be there…..

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