march madness.

It’s that time of year…March Break-down.  I’m not sure which has contributed more to their meltdowns this week: the loss of an hour due to daylight-savings so they can’t sleep till past their bedtime or being out of routine due to March Break.  Either way, I haven’t posted lately due to this “break” in our regularly scheduled programming.

Everyone can rest easy now because Ever-Patient has returned home, along with the massive hero-worship.  Ever-Patient then proceeds to bask in the glow of appreciation and overwhelming gratitude.  At this juncture, I can’t resist breaking the news to him that he will be taking the kids to the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Ontario Science Centre by himself on his days off during March Break.  I hadn’t decided yet whether “my ankle” was up for the task.  It would definitely be a game-time decision.

This past Monday, the first day of the break, we decided to go the indoor playground route as per the request of the little ones.  This was a perfect way to ease our way in to the week, like dipping our feet into the water to test out the temperature.  With my eldest away at sleepovers, there is no other activity that is more age-appropriate than a trip to the indoor playground which has an area for the toddler and safe playground equipment for #2 and #3.  This is the first trip to the playground with Ever-Patient so I take him on a tour of the grounds, detailing favourite areas while recounting memories of past visits.

Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is blaring over the speakers and #3 looks at me from across the room, atop a structure that can easily be mistaken for a mini-stage no less, and with an expression that can only rival Freddie Mercury’s original fierceness, does she start singing, “We will..we will…rock you!”  #2 and #4’s explorations are interspersed with #3’s solo performances.

As #2, #3, and #4 build a fort with these massive soft blocks, High School Musical’s “Soarin'” starts to play.  As if an imaginary stagehand has cued her, #3 rips off her ponytail, shakes her hair out, and begins her musical number.  With squinty eyes and a smoldering look, she reaches out to an invisible “Troy.”  Our family is quite accustomed to her sudden breakouts into song and dance so her behaviour comes as no surprise but still entertains us nevertheless.  But then I realize we are in a public place.  I look around and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, has stopped what they are doing and are now mesmerized by #3’s solo.  I prepare myself to run to console #3.

I figure that once she realizes she is being watched by both parents and kids alike, she will crumble at all the attention and run to me in tears.  She continues to dance and re-enact Troy and Gabriella’s duet in a more stirring manner than Troy and Gabriella themselves and I am amazed that she is oblivious to the stares.  But then I see her throw a subtle sideways glance to her growing audience and it dawns on me that she is fully conscious of people staring at her and it does not bother her in the least.  I still think to myself that maybe she really doesn’t see them all watching, but as the song ends, she turns to bow to her father, myself, and the rest of her adoring fans.  Unbelievable.

Multiple times during the day, Ever-Patient asks for the run-down for the week.  Bless his heart.  I think he just keeps hoping that somehow the excursion to the Ontario Science Centre is dropped from the itinerary.  It’s a perennial favourite.  It is also a place where your day is filled with lines and waiting.  Lining up to get into the parking lot, lining up to buy tickets, lining up to see an exhibit, lining up to get into a show…

Well, this is the adventure lined up for tomorrow.  And as much as I want to wade through crowds, have my heart skip a beat when all my children aren’t in my line of sight, and be a placeholder in the lines for the kids, I will not be participating in the festivities.  #4 has come down with a cold and my ankle is sore from today’s excursion to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)….a post on this particular outing is in the works.  So for now, I leave you with this:

Riff-raff at the AGO.

Riff-raff at the AGO.

One response to “march madness.

  1. Meltdowns…I hear ya! I’m thinking, 3 days of March break done, just 2 more outings to go! Hi to Ever-Patient & the girls.
    (I thought this blog was going to be about basketball, lol)

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