25 things I ask myself.

Most days there is a constant inner dialogue running in my head.  I find that most of these mental conversations consist of questions – some rhetorical, some hypothetical – that are among both the trivial and profound.  Here is a brief glimpse into my murky grey matter.

  1. What day is it today?  It definitely feels like a Tuesday.
  2. Am I spending enough time individually with the kids, with Ever-Patient, and myself?
  3. Can I just get 5 minutes of absolute quiet?  How about 2 minutes?  I’ll take 30 seconds just so I can take a few deep breaths.
  4. Should I answer the phone today?
  5. Do I get angry or let it go? (This is a recurring one throughout the day.)
  6. What kind of world will my children live in?
  7. Where is my other shoe? (After awhile, this is actually asked aloud with offers of a reward to whomever can find it.  The cheeky one will then grab the one that has been found and wave it around victoriously.)
  8. What is on the agenda tomorrow? (Usually asked as I lay in bed right before I fall asleep.)
  9. When can I finally break out the flip-flops?!?
  10. Do I need to wear lipstick? (Ever-Patient and the kids say no.)
  11. Do I spend enough time with my grandfather?
  12. Am I enjoying my children enough?
  13. If I die tomorrow, have I said everything that I needed to say and lived every moment the way I wanted?
  14. Is there any better feeling than knowing your children are safe, happy, and so loved?
  15. Do I live too much in the past or the future?
  16. Where does #3 get her sparkle from?  (Still can’t figure out where she gets her penchant for the performing arts from.)
  17. Why can’t broccoli taste like chocolate croissants?
  18. Do I thank my children enough? (Thank them for the way they ground me and remind me of what I truly value.)
  19. Am I really happy or just delirious because of extreme exhaustion?
  20. Do I take away the trip to the Science Centre because the kids are fighting for the third time in less than an hour or do I give them one more chance to make-up? (We eventually gave them one more chance in which #2 and #3 came down the stairs hand in hand, and as if previously rehearsed, they turned to face us and embraced stating they were best friends once more.)
  21. Does Ever-Patient really not see the pair of dirty socks beside the bed?
  22. Do I make enough effort to spend time and get to know my younger brothers?
  23. Will my children appreciate my efforts at being a good mother when they become adults?
  24. Why are jogging pants so wrong yet so right?
  25. Am I a good _____(insert: mother, wife, sister, daughter, cousin, aunt, friend, neighbour, person)?

Sometimes just asking the question gives you the answer you are looking for.

Have a great weekend.

2 responses to “25 things I ask myself.

  1. Answer to #25 – Yes you are…and more.

  2. Answer to #21 – No

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