9 years.

Over the weekend, Ever-Patient and I celebrated our 9th anniversary.

I have spent 6 of those 9 years pregnant and/or nursing.  We have moved 3 times.  We have gone away on 8 vacations (two of which have been without children) and 3 road trips.  For approximately 4.5 years, there has been a child in our bed.

Yet, with the gracious help of our family of course, we have still been able to find time to re-connect.  And although when we find ourselves without the kids, we end up sleeping or cleaning or talking about them.  But I think the one thing that has kept us sane is the one true fact that neither of us can deny:  it’s us versus them…the two of us have to remain united so they don’t break us.  We have survived for the sole reason that no one else can understand the intricacies of our life but each other.

So here’s to 9 long years…where I have been lucky enough to spend it with my best friend who knows me better than anyone else and still chooses to hang out with me, let alone be married to me.  Thank you, Ever-Patient, for putting up with my crap, loving our kids, and reminding me not to take anything too seriously.

Here’s a card that reflects our marriage in a nutshell…


One response to “9 years.

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

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