25 things #3 says.

#3, who will be referred to as “Sparkles” for the remainder of this post, celebrated her birthday about a month ago and is owed this special post celebrating her turning 4 years old.

fabulous 4.

fabulous 4.

In my experience, the 3-5 year old stage is one of the most exciting and amusing stages to witness your child journey through.  There is an intangible electricity that they emit as they start to really enjoy what the world has to offer.  Sparkles is no exception.  She is in full sponge mode, soaking up everything there is to learn, being extremely inquisitive, and taking the most delicious risks.  Twirling is her thing.  The best thing about it is that she makes me twirl and although I am no natural at twirling, she reminds me that it’s ok and to keep twirling anyway.  Her imagination runs wild and sometimes her line between reality and fantasy is quite blurred so you can imagine the types of conversations we have.

In celebration of our beloved Sparkles, here is some things she says…some of it has been directed at me while other gems have been overheard…

  1. “Get me off this toilet!”  This she has been known to scream when she is waiting for someone to help her wash herself.
  2. “True love’s kiss!”  She spotted an innocent smooch between Ever-Patient and myself and proceeded to squeal and say this.
  3. Ever-Patient has taught her a few sayings…  Ever-Patient: “They’re jigglin’ baby.”  Sparkles:  “Go ‘head baby.”

    100% sass.

    100% sass.

  4. More from Ever-Patient…  Whenever one of the girls says, “I can’t….”  Sparkles immediately chimes in, “You can do it.  You can do it.  Just put your butt into it.”
  5. “I miss my sister.”  She used to say this every day after we would drop off #2 at school for her afternoon kindergarten class.  It was a couple of hours of suffering without her big sis…they would be attached to the hip all morning and then Sparkles would have to navigate the afternoon, trying to fit into the big sis role for #4.  I can’t imagine the sweet sorrow parting that September will bring when Sparkles loses her BFF for the entire day!
  6. “You’re like my fairy godmother.”  This was overheard after #2 picked an outfit out for Sparkles to wear one morning and helped her get dressed, after Sparkles was fraught with indecision for 10 minutes.

    Best buds.

    Best buds.

  7. One morning, after #1 has gone to school, we are all sitting at the table.  #2 is finishing her homework, Sparkle and #4 are eating their second breakfast.  Sparkles looks up from her plate and says:  “I love you, Joey.”  No response.  Sparkles says it again, “I love you, Joey.”  Still no response from #2.  Sparkles now is yelling (only two feet away from her sister) and is standing on her chair: “I LOVE YOU, JOEY!!!!”  Without looking up from her work, #2 mumbles, “I love you too.”  Sparkles sits down with a contented expression and finishes her food in peace.  Her sister loves her back.  All is right with the world.
  8. I set aside alone time with each child about once a month where they choose the activity they’d like to do with me and for this hour or afternoon, depending on our schedules, they have my complete undivided attention.  It was Sparkle’s turn for some Mama-time and I asked her what she wanted to do.  She twirled and said, “Let’s just dance, mama.”  That evening, we twirled, dipped, cha-cha-ed and even choreographed our own dance.

    She danced like no one was watching...

    She danced like no one was watching...

  9. Sparkles: “Can I tell you a secret, mama?”  Me: “What baby?”  Sparkles: “I love you.”  My Heart. Cue the melting.
  10. “But there’s more…”  Sparkles always says this whenever a stranger comments on #2, #3, and #4 while #1 is at school.  I always receive nice remarks from people about having the 3 girls and because I am normally in a rush or in no mood for small talk, I don’t volunteer more information, specifically the fact that I actually have 4 girls with a boy on the way.  But Sparkles cannot resist letting people know…like the old lady walking in Greektown, the cashier at Canadian Tire, or the “muffin-lady” at Loblaws.
  11. Sparkles to #4:  “Your shoes are fash-inating.”  Me: “You mean fascinating, don’t you?”  Sparkles:  “No, FASHION-ATING.  They have so much fashion.”

    Sparkles giving #4 a headlock...I mean a hug.

    Sparkles giving #4 a headlock...I mean a hug.

  12. “Professor Outfit, do I button my sweater?”  This was overheard when she asked #2 her fashion advice on whether or not she should button her cardigan or leave it unbuttoned to show off her dress.
  13. “You never say ‘hello.'”  This was said to me as she passed me in the hallway.  I turn around and say, “What?  Sorry.  Hello?”  Sparkles turns to me and says, “Oh, that was from ‘Twilight.'”  Sparkles likes to quotes movie lines she overhears or remembers and tends to just surprise us with them at odd times.
  14. Another movie line she dropped on me recently:  “What’s with our relationship?”  Me: “Excuse me? I wasn’t aware that something was wrong with our relationship.”  Sparkles: “Mama, what’s a relationship?”
  15. When it’s time to leave the house to go somewhere, Sparkles puts on her shoes, looks down at them, and says, “I wonder where my shoes will take me today.”

    What could she be thinking?

    What could she be thinking?

  16. “Oh please open for me magic doorknob.”  Sparkles begs the doorknob to open for her because her hands are full and she can’t open it herself.
  17. “That’s not appropriate.”  She uses this expression in the most inappropriate and random circumstances.  For example, Ever-Patient says:  “Please put on your sweater.”  And this would be her reply.
  18. Sparkles likes to have pretend cell-phone conversations with my phone.  Me: “Who are you talking to?”  Sparkles: “My friend, Alicia.”  Me: “Is she in your ballet class?”  Sparkles: “No!  Alicia KEYS!”
  19. In dire distress: “Mama, my bum keeps farting!”
  20. Last summer, my cousins took the girls to Marineland, but before we went there, we stopped at my cousin’s apartment in Hamilton.  We went inside and Sparkles said, “When I get bigger, could I stay here?”  The monkey pillow and the clap-on/clap-off lights sold her.
  21. More from Marineland…”You’re killing me.  You’re really killing me.”  (Another movie line.)

    Definitely not camera shy.

    Definitely not camera shy.

  22. In anticipation of the annual Marineland trip year this summer:  “I can’t wait to see the Begula whales again.”  Yes, she says BEGULA.
  23. Sparkles: “There was a fun-derstorm today.”  Me: “Do you like them? Or do they scare you?” Sparkles: “I like them because I like to dance in the rain.”
  24. “What kind of tree is that, Mama?”  Me: “I don’t know it’s name.”  Sparkles: “Then I will give it a name.  It’s new name is ‘Floppy Tree’ because it’s very floppy.”
  25. Last week, we were on the porch at dusk.  Everyone was busy reading, munching on berries, or drawing, except for Sparkles.  I noticed her out of the corner of my eye, standing on a stool, elbows on the railing, looking up at the sky.  I could hear her whisper to herself, “I wish I was up on the moon.”  She looked up at the half-moon in the darkening sky and closed her eyes.  She opened her eyes, looked around at us, and said sadly, “It didn’t work.  I guess I really don’t have magic powers.”  I quickly took her in my arms and whispered in her ear, “Maybe you will someday.”
I hope you will always dwell in possibility.

I hope you will always dwell in possibility.

We love you, Sparkles.


5 responses to “25 things #3 says.

  1. I love how you capture such amazing moments with your kids. They will love these stories when they are older.

  2. Sparkless! She is classic!
    Hilarious post, Sun. Bro and I died of laughter.

  3. Hey, You forgot one…

    Never say “I don’t know” around #3. You will be abruptly answered with an…

    “If you don’t know, you better ASK somebody!”, followed by a head circle and double snap w/a twist.

  4. Helen told me this week that it’s a boy, so I thought I’d check out your tomfoolery and shenanigans.
    You don’t ever disappoint! Congrats! Boys are different and even though the old saying a “son is a son until he takes a wife, but a daughter is with you for life” might have a little truth – judging by my son’s adoration – I’m not sure I believe it! Good luck. Especially with your summer goals – I actually believe you’ll achieve them all!

  5. Ninang loves you Sparkles, Ninang loves you! (insert ballet curtsy here)

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