I am 31 today.  Here are 31 things about ME right now…

  1. I am happy in my own skin.
  2. I still tend to commit to things too hastily.
  3. I am madly in love with my 4 girls and the baby boy inhabiting my insides.
  4. I am madly in love with my husband.
  5. Every morning when I wake up, I immediately draw the curtains and look at the sky.  If it’s blue, I get out of bed with an extra bounce in my step.  If it’s gray, I close the curtain and lie down for an extra 10 minutes convincing myself that the sun will eventually make its presence known.
  6. I would write all day long if I could.
  7. The perfect moment for me is having all 6 (plus baby whoops) all together in my bed, squished and laughing hysterically.
  8. Curling up with a good book comes a close second.
  9. I hate wearing makeup.
  10. I lose my patience when I am tired and anxious.
  11. I am very grateful for every experience: the good, the bad, and the really bad…and for my family who inadvertently has taught my children how to value “relationships” over “things.”
  12. When I get “caught up” in trying to “catch up,” I am now able to let go and focus on what is important (see #13.)
  13. Life has been less stressful since Ever-Patient and I composed our family mission statement:  Live simply. Live healthy. Celebrate relationships. Value the Present.  Learn Continuously.
  14. I sweep/swiffer vac the floor 3 times a day.
  15. I am proud of the life I have chosen.
  16. I must do one crafty or creative thing a day.  (This includes doodling/painting/sidewalk chalking with the kids, art journaling, writing, baking, or even making random patterns on a scrap piece of paper while I’m on the phone.)
  17. My word for 2009 is RELEASE.  Focusing on this theme of letting go helped me this year whenever I encountered unexpected challenges.
  18. I have been caught up with laundry for the last 2 months.
  19. I am proud that I have cooked one meal this week. (And many “buttermilk pancake” breakfasts from scratch…because they just taste so much better and the kids love eating their berries with it!)
  20. I don’t like eating outdoors.
  21. I still love watching this: 
  22. I hate sleeping with my window open because I can’t stand the sound of the birds waking me up in the morning.
  23. I miss my daily coffee.
  24. I love jewelry…only I hate wearing it.
  25. I could spend all day at the library or my local bookstore.
  26. If I didn’t have 4 children and one on the way, I would definitely try to open one of these in town asap.
  27. I want to learn the following this year (in no particular order): to sew, to letterpress, to make homemade marshmallows, to speak Spanish, and to enjoy the months: November, December, January, and February.
  28. One of the most important things that I have learned in the last 31 years is that no amount of money in the world will change the past, change people, make you happy, give your children the “best life,” or make you feel better about who you are.
  29. When I answered the question, “What is the purpose of life?”, an answer that may be different for everyone, I stopped questioning who I was supposed to be and started to really live my life the way it was intended to be lived.
  30. If this were my last day here, I would be content with all that I’ve done and all that I’ve said in my lifetime.
  31. I miss peanut butter.

9 responses to “31.

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, and thanks for all of your great posts! Your family mission statement is wonderful. That’s a great idea and something I’d like to consider for my family.

  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for another great post. I like the mission statement alot. See you tomorrow

  4. #21!! wow memories, i would sit in complete AWE while watching this as a kid lol

  5. Happy birthday! I wish I could paint at least once a day too!

  6. #15 – Ditto.
    #31 – Geoff misses it so much too.

  7. #27 learn spanish! So we can gossip about people in front of them… yes!

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