Monthly Archives: August 2009

i am…

29+ weeks preggo.

having hot flashes 24/7.

sleeping in the basement.

extremely tired… mostly due to a low iron count.

cutting myself a TON of slack.

grateful for my mother’s swimming pool.

trying not to feel too sad that the summer is almost over.

in desperate need of a way to harness more energy.

happy that the kitchen is clean…at this moment.

proud of the kids and their fearlessness in the water.

disappointed that I haven’t blogged about all of our summer adventures…yet.

baking way too much.

amazed at how much sunscreen we go through (already on our third bottle).

listening to #4 sing “Mamma Mia” as if someone hit the “continuous replay button” on her.

content with my 60% clean house.

excited about using my new “home management” binder in September.

loving the selection at the farmer’s market: yellow watermelon, golden raspberries, sweet peaches.

watching my grandfather’s expressions and gestures very closely and listening to his words as if I could record them permanently in my brain.

excited when I think about all our pictures we have taken this summer and the stories I have recorded…can’t wait to turn it into something good.

dreading back-to-school shopping.

bored of wearing a rotation of 3 summer dresses and 5 tops with 2 pairs of leggings.

being kept awake during the night for hours at a time by violent kicks to the groin and the ribs.

enjoying watching my kids play together and take care of each other this summer.

grateful for Ever-Patient who has taken over all of the chores that involve bending over.

craving red meat.