25 reasons to get excited for fall.

  1. I can’t wait to see this.
  2. Fall is my mother’s favourite season.  For as long as I can remember, she would articulate in detail how much she loved to see the leaves change colour.  I suppose this could be due to her growing up in the Philippines where the lush tropical vegetation is immune to seasonal changes.  Growing up, I took the colour changes for granted but having children of my own and seeing them spot the first signs of fall as they spot a few leaves turning colour, I am again excited at witnessing the change in our landscape through their eyes.
  3. Baby #5 is set to arrive this season…excitement doesn’t really encompass the crazy anticipation that is buzzing in our house right now.
  4. Halloween…for many reasons.  The baby is due, the kids in costumes, and candy for me who up to that point will have been on a reduced-sugar diet for two months.
  5. Baseball playoffs. The return of football.  (The kids are not so excited about this one.)
  6. Apple picking.
  7. Thanksgiving in Muskoka.  This year my extended family and our little family will be enjoying Thanksgiving weekend up north.
  8. Pumpkin and/or Sweet Potato Pie.
  9. We missed it the last time this exhibit was here but Ever-Patient and I plan to make it a date before the baby comes.
  10. The return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks…sorry hard-core espresso-loving Ever-Patient, I said the ‘S’ word.
  11. Seeing cute little tuques on the kids.

    #2 sporting her fall headgear last year.

    #2 sporting her fall headgear last year.

  12. Playing in the leaves at Sunnybrook Park.
  13. The plethora of fall fairs – from school fun fairs to fall fairs across the province.  We normally try to attend this one if the weather is accommodating.
  14. Cardi weather.  I am loving this one and any of these classics.  (I just won’t be able to button any of them up at the moment.)
  15. Comfort food: soups, meat pies, beef stew, pies of all kind, hot cider…
  16. This event at the Zoo.
  17. It’s one of the busiest literary seasons in awhile according to this article. (Though not really getting caught up in the hoopla over Dan Brown’s newest book, “The Lost Symbol” and more excited on getting my hands on “Generation A” by Douglas Coupland.)
  18. To go with #17 above, this event is perfect for all book-lovers.
  19. The end of #1’s rep soccer season.  As much as we love supporting her and cheering her on, the commitment to 3 practices a week plus a game a week (which tends to be somewhere inconvenient) has been a logistical challenge for our family.  But the kids will miss playing in their tent, chasing each other, and having picnics while dad is assisting the coach and mom is yelling on the sidelines.
  20. #4’s first ballet class.  #3 has her class right after her.  So far she is excited but she has never left my side so she will be probably sitting on my lap for most classes as we watch all the other toddlers twirl until they get dizzy.
  21. One word: scarves.
  22. Updating the home with more cozy home accessories like this pillow.
  23. Volleyball season begins in our house including Ever-Patient’s latest project for our girls: starting a girls’ club team in our area.  (He already has recruited #2 and #3 as his assistants and #1 as his star player.)
  24. The days are getting shorter which means I will hear less of this at bedtime: “But Mom, it’s still light outside.”
  25. The holiday season is around the corner…

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