visualization technique.

..and some scrapbooking again.

It looks like every Wednesday I will be posting either a scrapbooking layout(s) and/or another creative project I’ve been working on or have completed.  My creative juices have been flowing.  I think my mind is assuming that there won’t be much creative “me” time once the baby comes so it’s filled with ideas and also a sense of urgency.

As we say goodbye to September, I truly hope we are saying goodbye to the transition phase of fall – the school anxieties and the adjustment to routine.  Slowly, we are embracing our new family rhythm.  There have been days this month where emotionally and physically I have been at my breaking point which does normally happen when one of my children are themselves going through something emotionally or physically.

I have frequently gone to “my happy place.”  Not literally but mentally.  An aunt of mine had mentioned going to her happy place whenever things got rough or she seemed overwhelmed.  Her happy place was actually doing yoga on the beach with me and my other aunts last year in Punta Cana every morning.  I thought about our time there with the whole family, celebrating my cousin’s wedding, and I knew that vacation experience was also my latest happy place.  I can recall my kids bonding with family and enjoying the outdoors everyday and generally, being in the present moment every second we were there.

When my mind gets cluttered, and I look at my daunting to-do list, or my heart breaks as I hear #2 tell me she just stood by the door alone at recess waiting for it to end, I go to my happy place and for a moment of my day, I find a small ounce of peace and I can just catch my breath.

my happy place.

my happy place.

What’s your happy place?

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