25 things heard around our house.

Some soundbytes from our house this week:

  1. “It’s cutie pie!  I don’t like ‘Joaquin’ or ‘Q’…his name is CUTIE PIE!” (Anytime #4 hears the baby being called ‘Joaquin’ or ‘Q,’ she corrects us with her preferred name for him: Cutie Pie.  Even if I am on the phone making a doctor’s appointment for #5, she will yell from wherever she is, “CUTIE PIE!”)
  2. #3:  “Is he going to eat baby food?”  Me:  “No, not yet.”  #3:  “Well, what does he eat then?”  (I start lifting up my shirt getting ready to nurse.)  #3: “Ohhhh!  I know now.”  (As if a light bulb has turned on in her head and has figured it out).  #3: Watermelon!
  3. “Can I hold him now?”
  4. “It’s my turn to hold him.”
  5. “How come she gets to hold him for so long?”
  6. “I never get to hold him.”
  7. “Shhh.  Indoor voice!”  Normally directed to one specific child.
  8. #4 in hysterics:  “Baby crying!  Baby crying!”
  9. “He smells sooooo good.”
  10. “This…is…my…son.” or “This is my boy.”  (Ever-Patient says in disbelief at least once a day.)
  11. The sound of a newborn cry followed by the sound of a toddler cry. (See #8.) Kinda like the sound of a purring kitten followed by nails on a chalkboard.
  12. Halloween songs and rhymes galore.
  13. “Gentle.  Gentle.  GENTLE!”
  14. “Are we crazy?”  (This question is asked by myself or Ever-Patient at least once a day.)
  15. “Did you remember to push it down?” (We are slowly learning our lesson from a few diaper fiascos.)
  16. “Mom, do you need anything?”  (#1 being #1: helpful, considerate, and thoughtful.)
  17. “Pass her to me.”  “Does she need to be changed?”  “She’s hungry again.”  (This ‘slip’ normally happens to me in the middle of the night.  I guess some habits are really hard to break.)
  18. “Mommmmmmeeeeeee! Mommmmmmmeeeeeee!”  (This is #4’s nightly 3am call from her room. This can usually be heard shortly after I put #5 back to sleep and I am just getting comfortable in bed.)
  19. “Dad, when are you going to build our kitchen?!?”  (#3 asks this question every day because we had bought them this and this so they no longer have to play with cardboard boxes and as a ‘thank you’ for being so patient and helpful this past week.  But Dad has not had the time or energy to assemble anything at the moment.)
  20. “Which pile of clothes is clean?” (We are a little behind on laundry these days.  We’ve been implementing the ‘smell test’ far too much.)
  21. “Close…Open…Close…Open…”  (Usually said in a sing-song voice by #4.)
  22. “Stop playing with his eyelids!”  (Usually yelled by me after I hear #21.)
  23. “Please! Please! Can we go see it?”  (#1, #2, and especially #3 are dying to see this.)
  24. “I love you…You love me…We’re best friends as friends should be…”  (The Barney song is sung by #4 to #5 – in surround sound type volume – as #5 tries to fall asleep.)
  25. “Hey. How’s it going?  And your name is..?”  (This is normally said between Ever-Patient and I as we pass each other in the hallway or hand off the baby or tend to different children.)

3 responses to “25 things heard around our house.

  1. Hi rozanne
    just wanted to say CONGRATS….you guys are amazing. Your little one is adorable…..you must feel very fulfilled. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Really, … I can’t imagine, having only had 2 baby’s, 2 1/2 years apart.
    You sound like you are more than surviving although I’m sure there are moments.
    Enjoy! Keep blogging, it is good to hear about all the moments.
    I have forgotten so many of my own moments.

  3. I laughed so hard at these (in sympathy of course). Glad that #15 has come in handy 🙂
    BTW – I love assembling IKEA…

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