Keep.  It.  Simple.  Stupid.

This is the most overlooked piece of advice EVER!  This is my new mantra.

Last night I found myself with 5 sleeping children and a burst of energy. What should I do?  What do I want to do?  After “shoulding” all over myself for a few minutes:  I should be putting away laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, preparing the next day’s snacks and lunches, or sweeping the floors…I made the executive decision to do something creative.

I decided to scrapbook.  But the deal was I had to keep it SIMPLE.  This chunk of time could never be regained and I had to make the absolute most of it.  I didn’t obsess over choosing the perfect pictures or the products I would use.  In fact, I took one of the layouts I had prepped for #5’s baby book and just plopped in the pictures and his vitals.  Easy.  Then I even started a little minibook to document FALL ’09 – I used some of my oldest supplies that have been sitting in my craft stash for years.  Love it.

Here’s the layout:

baby 5's first layout.

On a side note…

I believe we are all creative.  Sometimes we tend to mistakenly associate creativity with just the purely aesthetic.  So you dismiss it and tell yourself you weren’t “born” with “it.”  We forget that as children we all tried our hand at drawing, painting, writing, and imagining.  Then one day someone makes a “suggestion” or criticizes or compares and we lose our confidence.  But creativity can appear anywhere: in the kitchen, when you tell a story, playing pretend with your kids, finding a solution where none seemed to exist, or even in your wardrobe selection.  My husband is the first one to say he is not creative.  But I’ve seen him turn into MacGyver in our kitchen making an exquisite meal with leftover ham, pasta, carrots, and chicken broth. (Trust me, it tastes better than it sounds).  For me, being creative is like breathing.  It’s really hard for me to go a day without doing something that stretches my imagination or expressing myself.  Sometimes I create a scrapbooking layout.  Sometimes it’s just a craft with the kids.  Other times, it’s a blog post or just a doodle in my journal of what I see:

observe and doodle.

Here’s my challenge to you.  Try it for a week.  Do one thing creative everyday.

Here are some ideas for a daily creative action:

  • Arrange a bouquet of flowers.
  • Doodle while you’re on the phone.
  • Colour in a colouring book with your kids (or buy yourself one).
  • Write in a journal.
  • Talk about your day but be as descriptive as you can be.
  • Deviate from a recipe.
  • Rearrange your furniture and accessories. (I do this often).
  • Play dress up.
  • Make something.
  • Draw everything you eat for one day.

Don’t make it stressful.  Remember: K.I.S.S.   Being a little creative everyday make life a little more interesting and you take it a little less seriously.

Happy Wednesday!

5 responses to “k.i.s.s.

  1. Hey Rozanne,
    Love reading your blog. In fact, it is the only one I read. Stay well. Have fun.

  2. love your blog
    just started reading today – read them all
    i laughed and cried
    truly inspirational
    keep doing what you’re doing

  3. rozannelopez

    Thanks! It’s more therapeutic for me than anything. Hope all is well with you! Take care!

  4. rozannelopez

    don’t worry…i cry and laugh as i write the posts! thanks for reading!

  5. It’s the only one I read, too! Sounds like you’ve got a good grip on being the mommy of five – well done! Miss seeing you…

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