one month.

(This post is over two weeks late…but gimme a break…I just conquered an Everest-size mountain of laundry…clean underwear trumps a one-month celebration any time.)

To #5:

Happy One Month Birthday!

November 22, 2009

It has been a whirlwind of a month.

It was full of:

  • sleepless nights
  • moments of disbelief that we have a son
  • moments of disbelief that we have 5 children
  • hugs and kisses and more kisses from your big sisters
  • poking and prodding from you big sisters
  • getting to know each other sessions (you like to eat, i like to sleep…we’re still having trouble reconciling those two things)
  • baby grunts and coos and other noises I’d love to record and save forever
  • yummy smells that I’d love to bottle and save forever
  • not so yummy smells
  • meals generously donated by family members (thanks Mom, Pop, Ever-Patient’s parents, and my cousin Francis)
  • attempts to scrapbook (I especially enjoyed trying to do it with friends – thanks Shanley and the girls!)
  • documenting via this blog and through taking photos when I can
  • tantrums and anti-sleep protests from your big sis – #4
  • adjusting to being a single mom on Tuesday and Thursday nights
  • your attendance at various volleyball events including your first varsity game and #1’s tournament
  • memory loss
  • arguments over who gets to hold you (although the novelty is starting to wear off now – “He’s heavy!  Mom, can you take him back?”)
  • lots of pajama days
  • little smiles in your sleep
  • mommy yelling, “He got me again!  Crap!”  at diaper changes
  • debates over who you look like
  • many well wishes as well as concerned phone calls, emails, and text messages
  • staring contests between you and your sisters (you’re still the undefeated champion)

You were 7lbs 10 oz at birth and you now weigh in at 10lbs 8oz.  Crazy.  Time is moving too fast again.  You are already outgrowing your newborn sleepers and diapers.  You have a belly and a double chin and meaty thighs.  You can hold your head up when you’re on your tummy.  You eat every two hours, sometimes eating so fast you’re gulping as if I’ll run out of  milk.  When you eat, you have to hold my finger.  You sleep best curled up in my arms (or daddy’s – but he isn’t as soft as I am).  You are no longer hysterical at diaper changes.  We know you are in a deep sleep when your mouth hangs open.  You like Top 40 songs, and unfortunately your favourite songs are by Pit Bull much to the dismay of your mom and dad so to calm you, we hear #3 chanting, “I know you want meeeee…”  You are sometimes so frightened of the sound of your belches that you jump.

Although it is has been wonderfully strange having another man in the house, we all can’t imagine how we lived without you.  I remember when you were a fleeting thought (or more like a silent prayer for your dad) when we contemplated having a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th child, “What if this was a boy?”  Now you’re finally here.  You have no idea how much you were meant to exist as a part of our family, how the stars were miraculously aligned to allow for you to be.  After your fourth sister was born, I thought I was as happy as I could ever be – complete with my 4 girls.  But now as I see your sisters surround you with love, making promises (and wild threats) to hurt any girl that would hurt you; and watching your father hold you tight and whisper, “my son, my son, my son” over and over again, I keep watch over you as you sleep and inhale each of your exhaled breaths and I literally feel my heart expanding inside my chest.

It’s unbelievable and almost too good to be true that I am this happy.

mama and you.

We love you,


3 responses to “one month.

  1. Oh my gosh, Rozanne. He is soooo adorable!

  2. rozannelopez

    He is so yummy, isn’t he? 🙂

  3. very yummy – well done!

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