fall activity #12.

Make mini-gingerbread houses.

The kids' gingerbread community.

#2 had a play date last week and all the kids made these mini houses.  I also made little boxes out of patterned paper so the kids could transport them home.  (Instructions for the boxes can be found here.)

We used graham crackers, royal icing, and various toppings like marshmallows, gumdrops, skittles, and sprinkles.

I assembled the houses first and let the icing harden so the house was stable enough for them when they started to decorate it.  They each got a ziploc bag of icing and went crazy.

The kids shoved some candy and marshmallows inside so when they broke the houses open, there would be a special surprise inside.  (#2’s idea.)

(Word of caution:  It’s never a good idea to make these right before dinner.)

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