a winter manifesto.

Last winter, I spent most of the time on my living room sofa recovering from a severe ankle sprain while constantly trying to devise creative ways to keep my kids playing together (without the use of a TV or my legs).  While lying on the couch, longing for winter (and my inability to walk) to end, I came up with a winter manifesto to follow this year.  Now keep in mind that when I wrote this, I didn’t know I would be caring for a fifth child in addition to the four crazies during these long winter months…

  1. I will spend at least 5 minutes outside each day. (Sometimes, I just take the kids out on the porch for exactly 5 minutes and other times we walk down the block….although I could see myself out with the kids more if I had a couple pairs of these mittens) :

    Love these mittens.

  2. I will “make stuff” once a week.  (I wasn’t doing so well on this one until last week when I did 5 layouts…I think that should make up for my first month of winter where sleep was more of a priority.)
  3. I will find the beauty of winter through daily gratitude.  (Mostly, I am thankful for the relatively mild winter thus far and the fact that only 2 out of 5 kids have been sick simultaneously.)
  4. I will spend a portion of my day cuddling with the kids under at least 2 heavy duvets.  (Check.  Although some days the kids seem to think that I spend TOO much time cuddling – which to them has felt like I was keeping them hostage.)
  5. I will learn how to knit a scarf.  (#2 has been a very patient teacher with me as she is sharing her knitting knowledge with me…we’re not quite at scarf…it’s more like an extra long necklace…)
  6. I will myself with comfort thoughts rather than comfort food.  (This has been the toughest so far since I LOVE to bake during the winter…my solution: substitute white flour for spelt flour and sugar for maple syrup and plenty of batches of my friend Michelle’s recipe for Spelt Cookies.)
  7. I will keep in touch with 5 friends a week.  (Email has been my method of choice since me having a phone call is close to impossible.)
  8. I will play in the snow twice.  (There hasn’t been a large enough snowfall yet to do this but as soon as it happens, the kids will hop in #3’s new sled that can also hold two more kids and I will for sure join in specifically because i have invested in these.)
  9. I will at least read 10 books (under the covers of course).  (I have been realistic with myself and read about 10 minutes a day…I have been reading this book for the last 2 weeks mindfully.)
  10. I will enjoy a cup of tea every time the gray and cold bring my spirits down.  (I’ve been drinking peppermint mocha lattes instead…liquid joy for me.)

In an effort to participate in some winter fun in our city, we will be partying it up here tomorrow.

Get outside and have a great weekend!

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