10 things i wish i could bottle.

Is there anything in your life that you wish you could just hold on to forever?  Moments you wish you could stash away in a little bottle and open it whenever you needed a reminder of the truly important things? A magic elixir that would bring a smile to your face if you opened it?

Here is my current list:

  1. I wish I could bottle the feeling of #4’s little hand pinching my arms as she falls asleep or the gentle touch of her hand on my neck in the middle of night that reassures her that I’m still there beside her (as if I’d be anywhere else since she normally has me in some sort of choke hold as she sleeps).
  2. I wish I could bottle the sound of random “i love you’s” that permeate the house during the day.  Some days #3 and #4 crawl into my lap in the morning and look up and say “i love you mama” and then jump off and continue their games together.  #1 crawls into bed with me on the occasional lazy Saturday morning and curls up behind me and says “i love you.”  And #2 always surprises me with an “i love you” when I least expect it and always when I most need it.
  3. I wish I could bottle the feeling that overwhelms me when Ever-Patient whisks away all 5 kids out of the house at a moment’s notice when he sees that I am close to my breaking point.  I feel a mixture of relief, gratitude, calm, and love.
  4. I wish I could bottle all the funny little observations, inferences, and questions that #3 has for us everyday.  For example, Ever-Patient tells#2 how sweet a comment is that she has just made and #3 says, “That’s why she’s ‘The Sweet One.'”  She continues, “I’m ‘The Talkative One.'”  Ever-Patient points to #4 and says, “What about her?”  #3 says, “Oh, she’s ‘The Crazy One.'”  Ever-Patient motions to the baby, “What about him?”  “He’s just ‘The Cute One,'” #3 says as if everyone should know that by now.  And #1?  When asked about her biggest sister, #3 says, “She’s just long.”
  5. I wish I could bottle the “spark” – that spark of curiosity, creativity, discovery, and love of life that each one still exhibits.
  6. I wish I could bottle their love of learning and their absolute fearlessness that accompanies it. You can see when they make connections in their mind, when the world makes just a little bit more sense because they “get” it – whatever “it” may be at the time.  The type of learning where the reward for learning isn’t a grade or a bribe but the result of learning itself – picking up a new skill, acquiring additional knowledge of how the world works, or simply being able to discover an answer to their question all on their own.
  7. I wish I could bottle the smell after their baths.
  8. I wish I could bottle all of this:

    #5 @ 5 months.

    Everything at this stage: the smell, the smiles, the giggles, the way he wakes up staring into my eyes and it’s like he remembers how safe and cozy he is and falls back asleep, the soft and squishy skin, the pudgy hands, the baby’s breath, the leaps and bounds he makes in learning everyday as infants miraculously do, the way he is sleeps snuggled in his wrap close to my body, the little spot of skin where his neck meets his upper back (“the sausages”), and his little blocks of feet.  Yummy, yummo, yummilicious.

  9. I wish I could bottle every moment with my grandfather especially his face when our family is around him and his expression when #3 asked him, “Where are your parents?”
  10. I wish I could bottle the beautiful ordinariness of my days summed up in this scrapbook layout of a photo where all the kids are unsuccessfully trying to fit in this chair.  These are little moments of unadulterated joy that seem to fly by in an instant.

    a random picture on a random day.

Have a great weekend!

One response to “10 things i wish i could bottle.

  1. “She’s just long.”

    Hahha… classic Frank the Tank!

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