We can always choose to perceive things differently.
We can focus on what’s wrong in our life,
or we can focus on what’s right.

-Marianne Williamson
There are days when my mind decides to focus on the negative and I get anxious – anxious about a future that may or may not happen, anxious about things I cannot change.  I forget that it is all about perception.  There are no “good” or “bad” situations.  In the end, it is my attitude towards them that defines how I feel and think.  A shift in focus begins one thought at a time.  And still if my thoughts lead down the old path of negativity, I look at photos that capture pure joy.  I came across these:

#3 playing with her animal friends.

#4 fascinated with #3's dramatic storytelling.

#3 telling me the names of her friends.

#3 and her friends.

Here is the true story behind the photos:
#3 was playing with her animals while #4 watched with fascination as #3 put on a very vivid and detailed dramatization of a day in the wild.
Me:  “Have you named all the animals?”
#3:  “Yes! Would you like to hear them?”
Me: “Sure!”
#3:  “The elephant’s name is ‘Elephant.’  The kitty’s name is ‘Kitty.’  The bear’s name is ‘Bear.’  The snake’s name is ‘Snake.'”
Me:  “Let me guess.  The giraffe’s name is ‘Giraffe’?”
#3:  “No, silly.  His name is Stephen.”
So today when my random thoughts begin to turn into self-doubt, anxiety, and worry, I will focus on Stephen the Giraffe and his wonderful friend, #3.

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