about #3.

Sparkles is 5 and does not waste an opportunity to scream it to the world.  She informs the grocery clerk, strangers walking their dogs on sidewalks, and bank tellers.  Where #2 wanted a small, intimate gathering of her closest friends at the museum, #3 also wanted a gathering of her closest friends…her 18 closest friends in her class (which is each member of her class).  We ended up at our local park with my eldest and her friends running games, face painting stations, and other fun activities for the wee ones.  I sat back and chilled out with the parents.

Miss Perma-Smile.

Here are some fun facts about #3:

#3 and her guitar is like Phoebe Buffay and her guitar.  Some of #3’s original songs include the following titles:

I love orange” (she repeats this line over and over)

I love green” (again, repeating the one line)

I love pink”  (yes, you guessed it, another one-line wonder)

Will you be my valentine’s today?” (this one is interactive as she always waits for your response)

I don’t know why”  (my personal favourite…the lyrics are below in italics)

i don’t know why if it’s short or long

oh yeah

you don’t know if I’m at the groceries or if i’m at home or if i’m with my friends

oh yeah

but you should know

Plain and simple:  she loves to move.  When she hears music, she can’t help but start to sway, shrug her shoulders rhythmically, and shake her groove thang.

She has started asking a ton of questions about how the world works:

“In the world, did they make the streets first?”  “What about the trees? Who planted them all on our street?”  “What is the farthest country?”  “Do all people live on Earth or somewhere else?”

Sparkles is a word-maker-upper.  She tends to come up with words where there are no words for a situation or when she completely forgets what something is called.  The sensation of a body part “falling asleep” is typically referred to as “pins and needles.”  Instead, #3 says, “My feet feel scrunchy.”  And another time she referred to this sensation again and said, “Mom, my feet feel like, you know, when the TV is all black and white and shhhhhh [she made this sound with arms waving in the air]…you know, when it’s full of spots.”   She sat beside me one day and said, “I’d like to see my scropeback.”  I said, “Pardon me? What is that?”  She said, “You know, that thing you work on with the photos and the pretty paper?”  The light bulb finally went off and I said, “Oh, you’re scrapbook!”  And she said, “That’s what I said.”

On the seesaw with a "new" friend at the beach.

She is in the midst of her first soccer season.  I love watching her play.  She has no fear but at the same time does not exhibit one malicious bone in her body.  At soccer, she runs after the ball with a smile, taking elbows from the over-aggressive kids who have over-aggressive parents.  Her smile never fades for one minute in the entire game.

She is a resilient little ball of sunshine.  But she does have her thunderous moments.  She has mood swings when she is sleep-deficient.  She will break into hysterics asking for “mama” when I’m not around but 15 minutes later she will perk up when her favourite song is played.

She also loves to tell people our business.  During the school year, we would go to the grocery store.  Only #3, #4, and #5 would be with me and strangers would comment of the 3 kids and how busy I must be with 3 young children.  I like to keep the chit-chat to a minimum so I tend to just smile and keep moving.  But #3 ALWAYS chimes in and says, “Oh!  But there’s 2 more.  One’s in Grade 6 and the other is in Grade 1.  And I’m 4 and three-quarters because my birthday is on June 5th.  And she’s 2 and he’s only a baby still…”  And then she would proceed to tell people her birthday plans and what we did as a family the weekend before.

When we spend one-on-one time together, she normally cuts it short because she misses her sisters.  She wants to always ride her bike to Starbucks for a ginger molasses cookie and play at the playground for a little while where she always ends up making a friend.  Ah yes, everywhere she goes, she makes a friend or two.

Ever-Patient coaches her soccer team and he said to her after a game:

Ever-Patient:  “Do you know what I love most about you when you play the game?”

#3:  “What?”

Ever-Patient:  “I love how when you fall, you always get back up.”

She smiled and gave him the biggest hug.  The next morning, she was sitting eating breakfast and said to me with a chest swelled with tremendous pride:

#3:  “Guess what Mama.  Dada says I am really good at getting back up.  I am always going to get back up.”

And now every time I ask her what her favourite part of the game was she always says, “The time I got back up even though I fell down.”

And I said:

“Not just that you got back up, but you got back up with the HUGEST smile ever!”

Keep smiling kid.  You make our worlds that much brighter.

As I am writing this, #3 tells me write one more thing so here it is:

“She also loves nature.”


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