3 years old.

Happy Birthday #4!

Today you turn 3 years old.

3!  I can’t believe it.  I remember when we found out you were growing in my belly and Daddy thought that “for sure” you were a boy.  We decided on not finding out whether you were a girl or a boy and be surprised for the first time.  In fact, I found out from the ultrasound technician that you were our 4th little girl and just kept it a secret from your Dad playing along like I didn’t know.  Good times.

Daddy calls you my mini-me.  We are alike in so many ways:

  • We both are NOT morning people.  You need to cuddle with me and slowly wake up.  This wake-up ritual consists of staying in bed for 20 minutes after your eyes open and no one talking to you.  God help the sibling who comes and tries to say “Good Morning” to you during this block of time.
  • We both have to be in charge.
  • We both don’t take ‘no’ very well.
  • We both are night owls….especially when we get a good nap during the day.  We thrive at night – we’re easier to talk to, hang out with, and are overall happier when the sun sets.
  • We both love our flip flops.  Both last summer and this summer she has lived in her flip flops.  Where #2 needs to wear her converse (even in the heat) and #3 loves ballet flats (of course!), #4 looks to wear her flip flops first.
  • We both love smoothies for breakfast.  The other 3 girls love smoothies but are always wary when it’s green or there are “specks” floating in it.  #4 does not care.  Spinach? Good.  Kale? Good.  Unknown floating dots of healthiness? It’s all good.
  • When we are in a good mood, we can really ham it up:

Focus your attention on the top right corner.

As you can see from the picture, my main goal was to take a picture of #1 stretching before her workout.  And of course, someone realized I had the camera out and decided to try to get in the pic.  A half an hour before she was whining and writhing on the floor in an awful mood because she was hot and apparently ‘dying’ of thirst.  I gave her water, stripped her down, and she perked right up.  And notice she’s still in diapers?  This brings me to another similarity…

  • We are both stubborn.  Toilet-training is taking a little longer than I thought.
  • We both have really bad tempers.  None of my older girls had any bad temper tantrums.  But #4 can really turn up the heat.  We were sitting at my mom’s house and my cousin was staring at #4.  Big mistake.  #4 stared back and said, “Hey you!  Wanna fight?”  And lately, I have heard her scream at her sisters in anger, “Off with your head!”
  • We both love watching sports.  She sat through the entire NBA Playoffs this year.  After we put them all to bed, Ever-Patient and I would turn on the game and she would wander downstairs, sit between us, and ask, “Who’s playing Daddy?  Big Baby?”  Ever-Patient would respond, “Yup.  And Kobe.” And #4 would nod knowingly, “Oh.  I miss LeBron.”
  • We both are very particular about what and who we like.  We were at a restaurant and she turned to me and said, “I don’t like her.”  Her was our waitress.  She spotted another one at another table, pointed at her and said, “And I don’t like her.”  Another waitress passed by and she said, “I like that one.”  She often says the same about her sisters.

We love you wild thing.

Happy Birthday.


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