We are currently on the road home from nyc.

A couple of observations:

Hour 1 – snack (actually it’s more like Minute 1). Everyone is excited to go home except #4 who asks, “Where we going next now? Disneyworld?”

Hour 2 – 4 out of 5 sleep. #5 is the one wide awake crying.

Hour 3 – #5 is still a mess while the rest are passed out. My heart is breaking so we stop. Pee break for everyone. #3 says, “My head hurts so I think I need to eat something salty like fries.”

Hour 4 – 1 out of 5 sleep. Of course. #1 has her IPod on. #2 is wondering where we are and exactly how long it will take to get home and is fixing her pillows and blankie over and over again which brings us to #3…who is super-irritated with #2’s rearranging and who has invented a new word again: coverment. This is the sweater she has hung on her window like a curtain to keep the sun out (and her head hurts still so she thinks that having a chocolate sprinkle donut may cure it since she’s finished her fries and her headache lingers). #4 is whining for my arm to hug so she can go back to sleep. I tell her 5 more hours and she says, “Ok Mama.”

Hour 5 – I give in and play Miley Cyrus.

Hour 6 – Another pit stop. #3 proclaims, “I need more coolness.” Meaning she’s hot and needs the AC on.

Hour 6.5 – Victory! 5 out of 5 asleep. Enjoying peace and quiet as I write this.

(3 more hours to go!..)

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