NYC 2008.

We just got back from a short trip to nyc.

The details:

Left last Wednesday night and drove 9 hours with sleeping children.

Spent the next 4 days with family and seeing a little bit of the city.

Drove home Sunday night.

So tired but so worth it.

In 2008, we took the kids there for the first time to meet some of Ever-Patient’s American family members at a wedding.  Here are some highlights from that trip:

#4 holding on to our guide as she napped in the stroller.

Walking through Times Square…not our favourite place.

Central Park and #3 performing a song in the middle of it…one of our favourite places.

#1 outside our main mode of transportation (besides walking).

#2 and #3 sharing a stroller made for one (and enjoying a treat from Pinkberry).  This is how we were able to walk over 100 blocks during that trip.  #4 was strapped onto me.

The arch and #1 at Washington Square…another favourite place.

While on our way to Soho, we stumbled upon this playground in Washington Square.  While Ever-Patient was on his search for a good hit of espresso nearby, the kids had a blast here.  It was one of the real highlights of that trip – veering off plan and enjoying the unexpected.

#4 was fascinated by these kept looking down and trying to talk to these:

Lots of delirious silly times on the train back to our hotel on Long Island after a long day in the city.

#4 loved the train rides.

#2’s favourite stop: MoMA….she liked the Dali exhibit (can you see her Dali-esque moustache?):

#2 and #3 walking back and forth the little bridge in the courtyard.  Apparently it was the funniest thing ever.

The gang in Central Park.  No one wanted to leave.

Shopping schmopping.  All the kids need is a good playground.

#4 with a new buddy.

The kids made connections with family on that trip and fell in love with the city and being together.  Our itinerary was full of places we wanted to take the kids but in the end, we were open to detours and hidden gems and listened to their cues for when they just needed to play.

We couldn’t get out there last year since I was uncomfortably pregnant last summer.  But Ever-Patient’s NY cousins came for a visit which strengthened the connection with the kids.  There was a familiarity and comfort level as if the kids had known them forever.  So this year, we decided to continue the tradition and head out there for a brief 4-day road trip.

Were we able to re-create the magic of our 2008 trip?  Did we survive NYC with 5 kids in tow?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: NYC 2010.

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