4 simple goals.

I love this challenge.

I have decided to dive into it for a couple of reasons:

1) By posting my goals here, I will be accountable.

2) I like crossing things off a short list.

There is still time before 2011 to accomplish a few things so here goes…

Goal #1:  Create beautiful bedroom spaces for my family.

We have lived in our current house for almost 4 years and we are STILL trying to finish decorating the kids’ rooms and the master bedroom.  It’s always the same excuses: time, money, and general indecision.

Enough is enough.  I have decided to officially become accountable by confessing all of this here and now and by making a public promise to finish the rooms before the new year.  We’ve taken baby steps this summer.  For #2 and #3’s room (and technically #4’s room although she refuses to accept that fact and thinks her room is mom and dad’s room), we added a dresser which we inherited from some good friends.  Living in an older house means living with itty bitty closets so the dresser was  a much-needed piece.

Here is the before pic:

A solid piece of furniture.

And now it looks like this:

Love it.

It’s a bright fire engine red with coral-like knobs from here….though #3 argues that they look like mini antlers.

The kids also wanted to work on some type of decorative element to hang across their rooms.  They were inspired by this and decided to make their own circle-dot banner out of paper:

#1's room - she's going for a gray and orange palette.

The little ones decided they liked the look of floating confetti instead.

Like I said, baby steps.

Corresponding reward:  A guilt-free order from this catalogue.

Goal #2:  Sew and knit something.

I have recently acquired a sewing machine from a wonderful friend and have started knitting here and there.

I’d just like to actually finish a project.

Corresponding reward:  This workshop.

Goal #3:  Organize and print pictures to update the kids’ scrapbooks.

Looking at the kids’ scrapbooks, I have noticed that there are some holes that need to be filled and many moments I would love to include in their scrapbooks.  It’s important for me to record all the stories visually since they love spending time looking at their books and having me talk about what happened, how I felt, and what they said.

Corresponding reward:  This print and a subscription to this.

Goal #4:  Write every day until December 31, 2010.

Whether it be one sentence or 10 pages, I want to write every day.  I need to write every day.  I’ve lagged a bit since #5 has been born and I’ve been noticing how my thoughts have truly overwhelmed me on occasion.  I miss writing gratitude lists and general observations.  I’d say that this one is a biggie for me and will take some major discipline on my part with life being the way it is of course.

Some strategies to accomplish this:

1.  Carry a pen everywhere.  (I can always write on my hand if I need to!)

2.  Keep various notebooks/journals in the house, baby bag, and in the car.

3.  Blog, blog, and blog some more.

4.  Just WSD.  (Write Sh*t Down…even if I have to drop everything – except the baby – when something comes to mind).

Corresponding reward:  A GREAT BIG HUGE book purchase.

That’s it.

Want to join me on this little challenge?

(Oh and remember our family monthly challenges?  Well, we’ve put that on hold for the summer…but we will definitely be continuing them in the fall!)

6 responses to “4 simple goals.

  1. I’m joining the challenge
    my biggest challenge will be keeping the list short… as I love lists and crossing things off them…
    sometimes I run out of paper!

  2. rozannelopez

    Let me know what your goals are! I love reading other people’s lists…especially the rewards! Drop me an email or post them here if you feel comfortable.

  3. k, i’m NOT joining the challenge but where’d you learn to sew? i want to learn!

  4. rozannelopez

    I’m still learnING to sew…thanks to youtube, friends, and an upcoming series of classes in Sept/Oct near me. Hoping to be able to make clothes by next summer for the girls!

  5. I’m in! These are the four goals I’d like to accomplish :
    1. Do something active everyday.
    Reward: A shopping day, alone- kid-free!
    2. Decorate the small foyer space at the front of the house.
    Reward: This is a reward unto itself, I’m so sick of looking at this empty space!
    3. Take more family pictures and begin Ethan’s scrapbook.
    Reward: A piece of artwork for the house.
    4. Make homemade meals for the entire family daily. This is actually a tough one since I hate making lunches!!!
    Reward: Tea at the Four Seasons

  6. rozannelopez

    Yay Michelle! #4 is a tough one. Daily? Wow. You go girl!

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