Mother of 4 girls and 1 boy and wife to 1 husband (hence the title of the blog…chaos and mischief abound). Former lives: accountant, business development rep, aspiring interior designer, full-time scrapbooker instructor/retail presence. Current life: full-time, on-call, project manager – isn’t that what motherhood really is? And a part-time guide to documenting life stories (scrapbooking instructor).  I am currently in love with my family, the font Helvetica, the unexpected, and lemon-ginger scones. I am scared of carnies, standing still, and the burbs. I am in constant search of irony, magic, intelligent design and obscure pop culture references…(and of course, myself).

6 responses to “About

  1. marisa fabroa

    Lemon-ginger scones!!!…no no no….Blue berry white chocolate scone is the shit!

    Good for you….I’m surprised Eric hasn’t pushed…I mean “encouraged” me into blogging too!

    The burbs aren’t that bad (for the most part!)

  2. rozannelopez

    I used to be hooked on S’bucks scones but my new love can be found at our local espresso joint, Dark Horse.

    The burbs ARE terrifying…watch out for a future post on that!

  3. Hey Sunny! I love this…you are a great writer!

    I’m still amazed at how you do it all. I only have 2 kids & I can’t even finish reading your blogs! They always interrupt me when I’m not paying attention to them…lol!

    I’ll be looking out for your ‘burbs’ blog…maybe you can finally end the debate Helder & I have been having about where to settle down 🙂

  4. Hi Rozanne! I just found out about your blog thru Chris’.

    I’m looking forward to reading more stories. The girls are growing up so fast!!! 🙂 I do hope to see you soon.

    Although we’ve only met in pictures, it’s nice to finally get to know a member of the family better through here.

    Did you like the presents i sent last year? I think it was through aunt Lita or Chris’ mom.


  5. junekalalo


  6. Hi Roseanne!
    Always fun to read your blog to hear what you and the kids are up to. My March break acitivity was I’ve cleaning out my craft room I came across a kit from the store I have absolutely now idea what to do with! I’m almost sure it was a class we couldn’t make. Would you mind if I sent you a picture of the kit? Help 🙂

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